OneWay Vision Stickers

One way vision stickers Perth, made of a PVC vinyl substrate. With the top coated perforated white flex vinyl laminate, it is coated whit a removable pressure sensitive acrylic black adhesive and backed with two-sided poly coated lay flat white release liner. It allows stunning graphics on one side and clear, unobstructed view through the glass on the other.

  • The special material surface made, easy to absorb ink and the graphics are brilliant;
  • The liner is no perforated for easy loading in wide range printers
  • ‧ Suitable for: Window display, vehicle windows
  • ‧ Micro-holes on surface
  • ‧ High transparency
  • ‧ One side graphic, another side in black.
  • ‧ See out of window with an almost solid image showing through on the other side.
  • ‧ During nighttime hours, if you have lights on in your store or business space, those on the outside can see through the One Way Vision Sticker.
  • ‧ Water and UV Resistance, scratch proof
  • ‧ More suitable for long distance viewing
  • ‧ Maximum size: 1200 X 5000mm